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Best Free Outgoing Fax Service: GotFreeFax

Faxing documents isn't as common as it used to be, but nevertheless, businesses can still run into situations where faxing is necessary. 

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When you need to send the rare fax, free online fax services are available. Naturally, free services are far more limited than competing paid services, but they get the job done without requiring you to pay a monthly subscription fee for something that you will seldom use.

We could not find a company that offered both incoming and outgoing fax services for free: Most paid online fax services allow you to send and receive, but that's not so with the free services. If you have only occasional faxing needs and don't want to pay for a service that includes hundreds of faxes each month, then using a free service to send faxes might be suitable. If you need the ability to receive faxes for free

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