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Top Pop Up and Ad blocker Software and Extensions

Opera’s ad blocker also works well. After turning it on in the settings, you’ll find it blocks almost every ad you come across. The only exception I found was that it failed to block the interstitial ads common on Forbes (the quote ad that often pops up before reading an article). Most of the other ad blockers we tested did block that ad from Forbes. That said, Opera blocks every other ad type that we tested, including those on Orlando Sentinel.
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By default, Adblock Plus is not designed to block all ads, only those deemed intrusive or potentially malware. That means you’ll still run into some ads unless you fiddle with the settings. If you want to block out all ads (including autoplay video ads), you’ll need to go into options and de-select “Allow some non-intrusive advertising” at the bottom of the screen. Even then, ABP isn’t perfect. It blocked most of the ads I found, but was among the many ad blockers that couldn’t seem to deal with any of the ads on Orlando Sentinel. Unfortunately, even ABP’s “block element” feature failed to work on those as well. ABP is good and popular, but far from a perfect solution.

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