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November 11 2018


Best Scanner Apps for iPhone & Android 2018

the advance of technology has pushed our business work into a paperless era! Why not take a look at how the apps recommended below help us get rid of paper files and simply scan documents only with a smartphone. No matter what phone you're using, iPhone or Android phone, you can find a suitable and useful scanner app.
Read full content : https://www.reapinfo.org/article/best-free-android-scanner-apps/

Note on iOS 11
The built-in Notes app on iPhone is the most convenient scanner app for iPhone users because you can easily scan documents without downloading an extra app.

  • Just open the Notes app and choose "Scan Documents". Target the document you want to scan with the camera and then tap the shutter button.
  • A picture of the scanned document will be stored in the note, and you can choose to export it as a PDF or share it with the share sheet.

Some extra features are also offered, such as multi-page documents, editing features including croppingcolor filtering and rotating, which allows you to markup the scanned picture with arrows, sketches or notes.


Hangouts-Best Video Chat Apps 2018

Hangouts is an excellent video calling app if you are brand specific. Hangouts lets you connect with up to 9 people at once. There is no need to sign up for a new account if you already have one. Not just Android-powered smartphones and tablets, Hangouts can be installed on iOS devices as well.

Read information :  android video calling apps free

video calling apps were nothing but a huge failure as they mostly lagged with constant dropping frames and inaudible sounds.But usage of efficient compression algorithms combined with high-speed internet connectivity have completely changed the situation of video chats. Incorporating technology has made us a few clicks away from making a face-to-face conversation anywhere anytime.

November 06 2018


Killing Floor 2-best co-op games

Killing Floor 2 provides a familiar flavour of zombie wave defence (or ‘Zeds’, as the game calls them), tasking you and five other players with welding doors shut, swinging katanas and removing heads with panicked shotgun blasts.

Read full content : The Best Co-op Games You Can Download Today | Reap info

What weapons you start with depends on the class, so while assault rifle equipped characters might be able to pick off Zeds at range, the Support class needs to stop undead that get close by removing half of their head with some buckshot. What makes Killing Floor 2 so great is the feedback: weapons punish trigger-happy players with recoil, body parts fly from enemies with each impact, and claret glistens on the ground, a bloody reminder of each skirmish. Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead.

November 04 2018


What were Fortnite Time Trials like previously

This will immediately start a Time Trial. To complete it, you need to sprint through each of the blue markers that appears nearby. It's pretty tough, in our experience, and there are several makers at most trial locations that require you to build in order to reach them. Our advice is to first activate the trial, then look at where you need to build, do your building, then wait for the trial to expire and start it again, with your building already completed so you can easily run from one marker to the next.
Read full content : Fortnite Time Trial Locations Guide

As you can see, there's little crossover between the Season 6 challenges - and obviously a lot fewer cursed areas to contend with, too. And of course, Leaky Lake was still named Loot Lake. RIP.

November 02 2018


Fortnite: Battle Royale - Chest Map / Loot Map

Starting off your match the right way means gearing up and getting ready for battle as quicky as possible. You can nab weapons, ammo and meds from the ground of course, but the best loot is locked away in golden chests that are scattered across the map. They're a bit harder to locate though, and you'll usually find them tucked away behind walls, unsuspecting trucks or dingy basements.
Read full content :  Fortnite chest locations on the map

These chests aren’t randomised either, which means that the very best players have learned to memorise their locations so they can snatch away the powerful loot time and time again. You can do the same, of course, although you better be ready for a tough fight if you intend to go toe to toe with the rest of the pack. Seasoned players will find the risk more than compensated for, however.

October 30 2018


Zoho Mail-Best Free Email Service Providers

Zoho mail is aimed at professionals. It features a calendar, task manager, notes and instant chat as well as other business app found in Google apps for business. It is easy to set up and manage. Impressively, Zoho mail does not display adds to protect your privacy. Email messages are not even scanned for keywords for the purpose of marketing.

You can opt for their free Lite Plan that features 5GB mail storage per user, push mail, mobile sync and email support.  You can register only one domain name on the free Lite Plane, and your email address will appear as username@your domainname.com. 

www.bloglovin.com/@rajneeshtripathi/10-best-free-email-service-providers-2018 list.ly/list/2VHZ-best-email-service-providers-2018 about.me/freeemailservices freeemailservices2019.pen.io/ https://wolfrafn0361.de.tl/Outlook-.-com---k1-Hotmail-k2-_Best-Free-Email-Service.htm

Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

There are regularly tasks within the weekly Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges that will ask you to search chests across specific locations on the Fortnite map. Seeing as there are literally hundreds of Fortnite chest locations, you might want to start revising, because from underground bunkers to lookout towers, wooden boats to hedge mazes, it can be difficult to remember where every single one is.

 Thankfully, with this Fortnite chest locations guide, you don’t have to! We’ve got all the information for every single Fortnite chest at points of interest on the map. The only ones we haven’t included are the few lone warriors scattered across the map, away from anything notable.

October 28 2018


Earning Paypal Money For Your Opinion?

Finding online resources to earn PayPal money can be both exciting and rewarding. Where are these resources though? Certain paid online survey companies act as wonderful resources for PayPal compensation. Learn of two companies here.
LightSpeed Consumer Panel
Lightspeed Consumer Panel, like alternative legitimate panels, offers a chance for its members to complete surveys in exchange for points. These points can be redeemed for numerous prizes, considering their online gift shop has a vast number of products waiting to be claimed. However, most people prefer instant compensation, or monetary compensation to be exact. Luckily, Lightspeed provides its users with a chance to receive paypal certificates for different amounts of money, depending on the number of points you have available. The duration of time it takes to receive access to this rewarded paypal money is extraordinary, in comparison to other sites. In fact, most rewards are delivered within 24 to 48 hours of redemption. How awesome is that?
Eligibility requirements are as follows:
Location Eligibility: USA, Canada, UK & Australia
Minimum Age: 18
Other miscellaneous facts about this consumer panel include:

Membership Fee: NONE
Type of Survey Site: Point Based System.
Minimum Payout: 575 Points (For $5 Paypal) or 60 Points (Lowest Gift Card Reward).
Form Of Payout: PayPal Money, Gift Cards or Other Products (Wide COOL Variety).
Average Survey Pay: 75-300 points.
Average Survey Completion Time: 15-25 minutes
Like LightSpeed Consumer Panel, DailySurveyPanel offers rewards for successfully completing surveys. You may complete an average of three surveys a day on this site. One cool and rare factor about this site is that they will keep providing you with surveys until you actually qualify. Many survey companies distribute surveys that are hard to qualify for. However, with the unlimited chances DailySurveyPanel gives you to receive credit, it is nearly impossible not to succeed within the structure of this site. Another awesome tidbit is that DailySurveyPanel usually delivers your paypal money within hours of redemption. Waiting months on end for a lousy check is now a thing of the past!
Eligibility requirements are as follows:

Location Eligibility: USA, Canada and United Kingdom
Minimum Age: 18
Other miscellaneous facts about this consumer panel include:
Membership Fee: NONE
Type of Survey Site: Point Based System.
Minimum Payout: 200 Points ($ 1).
Form Of Payout: PayPal Money or Gift Cards.
Average Survey Pay: 110-120 points. You can fill out 3 surveys per day, averaging at least $1.50 a day.
Average Survey Completion Time: 10-20 minutes
Referral System: Yes.
For more detailed information like this, visit Earn Free PayPal Money Legally!

October 27 2018


Best Android Keyboard Apps 2018 - SwiftKey

SwiftKey is one of the best Android keyboard apps to replace the native keyboard app on an iOS or Android devices. It is trusted by over 250 million users worldwide. Recently, SwiftKey was acquired by Microsoft for an impressive amount.

Read information carefully : 10 Best Android Keyboard Apps – 2018 Edition

This Android keyboard app uses artificial intelligence that enables it to learn automatically and predict the next word the user intends to type. Swiftkey features autocorrect and gesture typing for faster input. It intelligently learns your typing pattern and adapts to it. This keyboard app also comes with a good range of different themes, emoji’s, inbuilt GIF search engine, separate number rows, and is an excellent keyboard for bilingual folks.

October 25 2018


GTA 5 cheats: PC console commands and cell phone cheat codes list

As we mentioned above, cheats on PC work a little differently to their counterparts on consoles. You can still use a controller to input them - we've used Xbox button names below, as that's the most popular choice of PC gamepad - but otherwise the main ways of inputting them are via the in-game cell phone (again, bring it up in-game and dial the below numbers to use the cheats), or alternatively you can use console commands.
Read full  information : GTA 5 cheats: How to spawn vehicles and change world effects - Reap Info
To bring up console commands in GTA, press the "~" key on US keyboards, or the "¬" key on UK keyboards (whichever one is in the top left of your keyboard, under the Esc key and to the left of the 1). Then simply type the corresponding command, as it appears (so, in capital letters) in the table below, and hit enter to activate the cheat.

October 22 2018


Best Free Outgoing Fax Service: GotFreeFax

Faxing documents isn't as common as it used to be, but nevertheless, businesses can still run into situations where faxing is necessary. 

Read complete article : 6 Free Fax Services That Will Help You Fax Online in Seconds

When you need to send the rare fax, free online fax services are available. Naturally, free services are far more limited than competing paid services, but they get the job done without requiring you to pay a monthly subscription fee for something that you will seldom use.

We could not find a company that offered both incoming and outgoing fax services for free: Most paid online fax services allow you to send and receive, but that's not so with the free services. If you have only occasional faxing needs and don't want to pay for a service that includes hundreds of faxes each month, then using a free service to send faxes might be suitable. If you need the ability to receive faxes for free

October 20 2018


Top Pop Up and Ad blocker Software and Extensions

Opera’s ad blocker also works well. After turning it on in the settings, you’ll find it blocks almost every ad you come across. The only exception I found was that it failed to block the interstitial ads common on Forbes (the quote ad that often pops up before reading an article). Most of the other ad blockers we tested did block that ad from Forbes. That said, Opera blocks every other ad type that we tested, including those on Orlando Sentinel.
Read full content :  Best Ad Blockers 2018: Apps & Extensions for Chrome, Firefox and ...
By default, Adblock Plus is not designed to block all ads, only those deemed intrusive or potentially malware. That means you’ll still run into some ads unless you fiddle with the settings. If you want to block out all ads (including autoplay video ads), you’ll need to go into options and de-select “Allow some non-intrusive advertising” at the bottom of the screen. Even then, ABP isn’t perfect. It blocked most of the ads I found, but was among the many ad blockers that couldn’t seem to deal with any of the ads on Orlando Sentinel. Unfortunately, even ABP’s “block element” feature failed to work on those as well. ABP is good and popular, but far from a perfect solution.

October 16 2018


Access Kickass Even if Blocked

Access online the site’s blocked content with the help of a VPN app, adding at the same time extra protection of your online activity. Here are the best VPNs for speed, privacy and unblocking websites: NordVPN - Top Choice ExpressVPN Private Internet

Read complete article : /kickass-proxy-unblock/

 Access CyberGhost VPN HideMyAss

What sets Kick Ass Torrents apart from many other similar sites are its design and functionality. The site is organized into three main sections:

Top bar: A slim bar at the very top of the website includes a search field and five buttons: Browser, Community, Blog, FAQ, Register / Sign in.

October 15 2018


The Top game, Monstrüous

One of my favourite things in the whole game is that when you slash your little weapon against the cave wall you actually get an impact, with a little recoil and rocks come out,” says Ari Gibson, animator, artist and co-creator of Hollow Knight. “It’s such a small thing, but it changes you from being just a few animations to being a present actor inside
Read full content : /best-pc-games-of-2018/
It wasn’t as if the tester was having a bad time. He was a pinball fan, after all. It’s just that every time he tried to reach for his coffee, the intensity of the game he was testing kept pulling his hand back to the controller. Half an hour later, he finished playing, picked up his cold coffee, and said he’d enjoyed the game.

October 12 2018


Best Remote PC Access Software 2018

Secure transmissions are necessary when working with remote computers, especially when you are using them to access sensitive or proprietary information. The industry standard is 128-bit encryption, but more financial and government institutions are moving toward 256 bits. Both encryption methods offer more than enough security.

 The 128-bit encryption protects you from outside attacks and maintains your performance. While the 256-bit encryption offers more security, likely more than you will ever need, the longer encryption affects performance. Your motivation to use remote access software should help determine the level of security you need.

October 11 2018


Get psn-codes-generator

Many of our users have fallen victim to fake sites, claiming to be able to generate codes instantly, and seemingly out of thin air. Usually they will ask visitors to pass through a 'human verification' process where they must complete a single survey or offer.

We warn against using sites that make outlandish claims. While it is possible to earn free codes online, there's always a certain level of commitment required.

Read full article : 



October 10 2018


Fortnite cheats - Know when to disengage

One of the skills you'll need to pick up on right away is gauging the war of attrition. We tend to speak of ammunition in that regard, but it's impossible to know how much they're carrying. Instead, use the health prompts to figure out whether you can win a fight. When you shoot an enemy, you'll see numbers appear above their head indicating how much damage you've dealt. If the numbers are blue and then begin turning white or yellow, it means they had a shield potion and you've completely exposed their health bar.

Read full  article : http://fortnitefreevbucks.reapinfo.org/fortnite-cheats/

If your shots aren't showing blue and you still have some of your shield, you're winning. If not, you'd better look into your options for retreating fast. One of the best options for a quick getaway is rifts or rift grenades. These things will allow you to jump into a portal that'll teleport you to the sky, allowing you to windsurf to a safer or more advantageous position. Be on the lookout for these rifts at all times.

October 08 2018


Top Free Proxy Servers

Hidester provides SSL proxy support that protects you from scripts and other malicious methods that could harm your computer. It has a reputation as the most reliable free web proxy site on the market. You can pick between a U.S. or Europe server before you begin browsing, as well as choose to encrypt the URL, allow or disallow cookies, accept or reject scripts, and strip away objects from loading.

Read full content : https://www.reapinfo.org/.../8-best-free-proxy-servers/

While you're using Hidester, you can even change the browser referrer, so it looks to the website as if you're using a different operating system or web browser. You can also clear the cookies that any websites store, and you can do this while you're using the Hidester web proxy. The service also offers a password generator you can use at Hidester. If you want to pay for Hidester, you can have access to hundreds of other proxy servers in various countries. 

October 07 2018


What Are The Best Methods To Get Free V Bucks

Here Are The Best Methods To Get Free V Bucks 2018

Here you will be finding the ways that can help you to get free vbucks. So without further due, find out below how to get free v bucks:

Login Daily and Get Free vbucks as a Reward

These days most of the popular games offer rewards for the users who log in daily to their game. Same is with the Fortnite game. When you log in daily in the game, you will get free character accessories, skin and a lot of v bucks for free. The reward for every day is different. Means one day you can get character accessories and the other day anything else. But within a week, there are a lot of chances that you can get vbucks. So login daily and get vbucks as a reward.

Get vbucks from daily Quests

Just like the daily login reward system, this is another best way to get fortnite free v bucks. In the game, there are daily missions. When you complete these missions, you will get rewarded by vbucks. You can earn up to 150 vbucks by completing these missions. There are three missions that you need to complete daily and the reward for each mission is 50 vbucks. Also, if you find that you are unable to complete any mission, you can simply skip it and that mission will be replaced by the new one. Moreover, there is no time frame at all, which means, you can play whenever you want but within a day.

must read full article from reapinfo .. fortnite : free v bucks generator

October 06 2018


Top 10 best discord bots ever

TypicalBot is a bot for Discord that is bundled with a variety of useful moderation and utility features. Like Aethex, TypicalBot is one of the best Discord bots that can manage most server moderation tasks smoothly. TypicalBot is easy to setup and very easy for multiple moderators to use together. Thus, making it perfect for any server owner looking to get set up with the help from server moderators.

Read full article : https://www.xoxolondon.../10-best-discord-bots...

The moderation tools for Typical Bot include Join/Leave/Ban/U n ban Logs, join messages, nickname logs and a moderation log and queue. Typical Bot users can also send warnings, bans, and kicks quickly to other users.

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