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Zoho Mail-Best Free Email Service Providers

Zoho mail is aimed at professionals. It features a calendar, task manager, notes and instant chat as well as other business app found in Google apps for business. It is easy to set up and manage. Impressively, Zoho mail does not display adds to protect your privacy. Email messages are not even scanned for keywords for the purpose of marketing.

You can opt for their free Lite Plan that features 5GB mail storage per user, push mail, mobile sync and email support.  You can register only one domain name on the free Lite Plane, and your email address will appear as username@your domainname.com. 

www.bloglovin.com/@rajneeshtripathi/10-best-free-email-service-providers-2018 list.ly/list/2VHZ-best-email-service-providers-2018 about.me/freeemailservices freeemailservices2019.pen.io/ https://wolfrafn0361.de.tl/Outlook-.-com---k1-Hotmail-k2-_Best-Free-Email-Service.htm

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